Robert De Niro behind the scenes of The Deer Hunter (1978)

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Ridley Scott with Ian Holm behind the scenes of Alien (1979)

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I love your recommendations but In Bruges is heart wrenching and emotionally draining while being funny and excellently shot; not necessarily “kind of fun”

it’s actually all of those things including being ‘kind of fun’. i’ve always been drawn to its really complex undertones about life and death and purgatory, but y’know it also has colin farrell being chased around by obsese american tourists. i watch it because it’s deep and i watch it because it’s hilarious. can we agree that it doesn’t always have to be seen as strictly one or the other?

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so i'm trying to choose a movie to watch and i'm having trouble, i'm stuck between 3 women, the last temptation of christ, slacker, y tu mama tambien, and in bruges

those are some damn fine movies to be stuck between! if you want something kind of fun, go with In Bruges or Slacker. 3 Women requires some patience and is pretty experimental but it’s altman and it’s amazing and damn to the depths whatever muttonhead doesn’t like shelley duvall because she’s perf in that movie. same with sissy spacek! Y Tu Mama Tambien is such a beautiful film and The Last Temptation of Christ is one of my favourite scorsese’s - it’s just wonderfully unforgiving and so well shot and acted. I find myself recommending In Bruges the most to people so I’d say start with that one

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Freaks & Geeks (1999)

What do you think about Wes Anderson?

I adore wes. he’s been such an important part of my life film-wise.

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salty beach hair ft. unbridled enthusiasm face

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Sofia Coppola behind the scenes of Lost in Translation (2003)

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